domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011


11. Swarthmore College

The whirlwind of activity that buzzes by you when you enter the Pennsylvania campus might mask its beauty at first. The students around here know how to keep busy. The university grounds are serene and peaceful: the perfect atmosphere for these intellectual groupies to study. They dont leave campus much, because, lets face it, Swarthmore isnt the chicest city, but the location fits these students to a tee.

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  1. alkae disse... 21 de agosto de 2011 às 07:17

    I've always dreamt of studying abroad in a beautiful school like this!

  2. Lady Lunacy disse... 22 de agosto de 2011 às 16:33

    looks real pretty :)

  3. Hento the loony repairman :D disse... 25 de agosto de 2011 às 14:20

    what a wonderfull space to get the study goin on, i dont have freinds over there, but i would recommend them to get a look if i had :D

  4. Slivrax disse... 6 de setembro de 2011 às 12:51

    Damn, that is one heck of a beautiful place to study!

  5. Bruno disse... 17 de setembro de 2011 às 14:59

    looks great!

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