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The Italian university is historical. It was where began the great development of man in thisfield. The Western world's first university was founded in Bologna - the so-called "AlmaMater Studiorum".

Knowing the Italian university is to know a bit about the history of mankindAn example is the first classroom of anatomy that is located near the PiazzaMaggiore in Bologna: what is now a tourist spothundreds of years ago the students learned how the human body is composed.

                                                    ITALIAN UNIVERSITY SYSTEMThere are over 30 public universities throughout Italy, with only one per city. Most werefounded in middle age. Some date back to the beginning of the millennium, as the "Università Degli Studi di Bologna", which was founded in 1088. Italian universities are trulyworld heritage sites. Visit the campus of Bologna is like traveling back in time, is a living museum, where even today thousands of students pass every day.
There are two gradesThe first lasts three years and the second twoAfter obtaining thefirst graduate student can opt only for graduate-called "primary".After obtaining a second graduate student may follow several different paths. Opting for theacademic world can be followed by a doctorate. The expertise is specific to certain professions and students opting for "post" focused on the labor market it may make the "MBA 2" or graduate "secondary".
The Italian university is a mixture of old and modern. The photo above shows an example.Students use computers of last generation, connected with fiber optic internet, while the ceiling of this room is all old wood where they still observe the medieval frescoes.                                                       WANT TO STUDY IN ITALY
You want to study in Italy may follow an undergraduate, graduate or simply a temporary stage.
There are hundreds of undergraduate courses in Italy that are available to you which is of Italian descent. The vast majority of courses does not provide proof of entry , moreover, as the university's public courses are free. Still, it forecasts a scholarship moneyfor low-income students. Also provided is a place in student government pensions for low-income students.
There are three main types of postgraduate course in Italy: PhDMBA and expertiseEach type of post is dedicated to a particular environment and seeks to meet the needs ofcitizens who wish to enter academialabor market or continue a career that needs more study.
Few people know that any citizen of the world can study for a limited period at a public university in Italy. Italy opens the door to anyone wanting to make a 6 or 12 months in a graduate course.

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We all have our ways of studying but still it is sometimes difficult to focus. However there are some techniques that can help you at the time of testing, re-read every day in this matter that this day is a great exercise for the brain and so when you have to study for an exam that you will only remember what you know rather to learn everything by force. Studying music is also a good option to study in absolute silence becomes more difficult and do not distract you think of other things. Try also to study in the company of a colleague, so the matter can ask questions and help each other when questions arise!