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U.K is a  popular destination for education thanks to its prestigious colleges and universities that are known throughout the world.  For post graduation courses, the applicants have to have their Bachelors degrees from recognized universities with a minimum score of 60%.

The universities in the United Kingdom (with the exception of The Open University) share an undergraduate admission system which is operated by UCAS. Applications must be made by 15 October for admissions to Oxford and Cambridge (and medicine, dentistry and veterinary science courses) and by 15 January for admissions to other UK universities.
Many universities now operate the Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) and all universities in Scotland use the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) enabling easier transfer between courses and institutions

The vast majority of United Kingdom universities are government financed, with only two private universities (the University of Buckingham and BPP) where the government does not subsidise the tuition fees.
British undergraduate students and students from other European Union countries who qualify as home students have to pay university tuition fees up to a maximum of £3,375 capped (for 2011/12). A government-provided loan is available which may only be used towards tuition fee costs. Welsh undergraduate students studying in a Welsh university have to pay a maximum university tuition fee of £1,200. However, if they choose to study outside of Wales they are subject to the same tuition fees as students from that country. i.e. if a Welsh student studies in England they pay £3,125. Scottish and European Union students studying in Scotland have their tuition fees paid by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland. Students are also entitled to apply for government-provided loans to pay for living costs, a portion of which is also means-tested. A new grant is also available, which is means-tested and offers up to £2,700 a year. As part of the deal allowing universities to charge higher tuition fees, all universities are required to offer bursaries to those in receipt of the full government grant. Different funding arrangements are in place for students on National Health Service (NHS) being eligible for a non-means tested bursary, while healthcare students on degree level courses are eligible for a means tested bursary, and are not eligible for the full student loan as a result of their bursary entitlement. Students living in the UK, if they are from non-European countries, have to pay the same fees as Overseas students at a very high rate, even if they have been in the UK for more than 3 years, without Indefinite Leave to Remain. Such students are not eligible for loan from the Students Loan Company either.
On 9th December 2010 the House of Commons voted to increase the cap on tuition fees to £9000 per year.
Students in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are also eligible for a means-tested grant, and many universities provide bursaries to students with low financial capabilities. Non-European Union students are not subsidised by the United Kingdom government and so have to pay much higher tuition fees.
In principle, all postgraduate students are liable for tuition fees, though a variety of scholarship and assistantship schemes exist which may provide support. The main sources of funding for postgraduate students are research councils such as the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) and ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council).

 Given below is a list of some of the best universities in U.K:


University of Cambridge

 London School of Economics

 University of Oxford

 Imperial College of London

  Lancaster University

 University of Glasgow

 University of Southampton

 University of Bath

  University of Edinburgh

 Durham University

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Supported by the Government of India as well as the state governments, the country is home to both public and private universities. In addition, there are many private universities that are supported by different societies and bodies. 

The University of Madras, established 1857, is one of the three oldest state universities in India, the others being theUniversity of Mumbai and the University of Calcutta.

Universities in India are controlled and recognized by the UGC or University Grants Commission. Over and above, there are sixteen professional councils monitoring various aspects of coordination and accreditation. Universities are judged in terms of recognition, ambience, infrastructure, placement assistance etc. Your marks are also a determining factor when it comes to seek admission in universities of India.

Arts College building on campus ofOsmania University, the oldest state university in Andhra Pradesh

There are three kinds of universities that the students can opt from while planning their higher education. Universities can be divided into three categories, namely: Central, Deemed and Open universities:

1. Central Universities are the ones that are set up by the Department of Higher Education, usually through the act of the Parliament.

2. A Deemed University on the other hand has an autonomous status and is granted by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry’s Department of Higher Education. Autonomy means the university will have full freedom to chalk out its own syllabus, eligibility for admission, fees and other rules and regulations for the students.

3. Open Universities are the ones that facilitate distance learning for students. Both undergraduate as well as postgraduate degrees are offered by these universities. 

Sri Sathya Sai University was granteddeemed university status in 1981.

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I'll give you the following posts to know more about various universities around the world. Attending a university is more than attending a course, is an opportunity to mature and experience, so come with me to know the structures, traditions and methods of learning and life at various universities around the globe!

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Nothing beats the California beach location of Pepperdine. The homes in the greater Malibu area go for millions. And you get to live there for measly room and board? Luxury doesn’t even begin to cover it.
When you think of Princeton, you usually think of smart kids shooting for the best education possible. And most of these kids are too busy study to appreciate the gorgeous gothic architecture that makes up the buildings of their campus. The lush greens (ivy is quite fitting) make the campus feel like an old movie set that you get to be part of just by going to school.
Obviously, another California beauty. Los Angeles is primo spot for all things glamorous. Looking out your window at the vibrant California sky and the palm trees does everything but remind you youre at college. Tough life, huh?
Southern beauty is done right in this lovely Virginia campus. Obviously, no boys allowed, so males cant enjoy the scenic 3,250 acres like the girls do. Maybe thats why the campus is so clean. The outdoors calls the sporty girls to enjoy a long run around the campus. Grab a trail map and go. Observatory loop, anyone?
Hmm, another womens school. There must be something about these Mount Holyoke women that take advantage of the Pioneer Valley- the most beautiful area of New England- right in their backyard. The beautiful atmosphere of this small town further entices you as you enter. Boys? What boys?

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Women at this single-sex school enjoy their gorgeous dorms, with high ceilings and hardwood floors. But the real beauty is outside in the Atlanta/Decatur, Georgia surroundings. With lush trees, flowers, stunning quad, and free-flowing design, whod want to leave? Oh, well Princeton Review named it a Stone-Cold Sober School. Now you see.

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The University of the South- Tennessees Episcopalian university sits on a lovely campus with caves, streams, and mountains. No wonder it attracts the outdoorsy types. The university boasts an outdoor program that sponsors every kind of adventure possible (canoeing, snowshoeing, hiking, caving, bicycling, etc). If you like being outside, it would be a sin not to go here.

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Now to the lovely town of Gambier, Ohio. Nothing much to do outside here, but the architecture lures students back into their rooms for a debate. The outstanding numbers of intellectuals encourage this frequent activity, and students arent complaining. Their fabulous, structurally sound buildings make it all worth it.

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 Once again, California makes the list. Scripps has beautiful views and Princeton review christens its dorms like palaces.Its resort-like feel and sunny gardens, fountains, and trees (not to mention the food is great) make it a popular choice for women. Women have a tough decision to make here, it seems, because so many beautiful colleges are single-sex! Cant say its surprising, though. Women are cleaner.

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The country club-like atmosphere exudes rich, preppy ooze. Seemingly because the surroundings are so boring that you have to have a car to get anywhere fun. So, the rich ones usually have cars. It figures. Like country clubs, the campus grounds are painstakingly sustained to perfection. Lawn care 101 should be what this school is known for.

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The whirlwind of activity that buzzes by you when you enter the Pennsylvania campus might mask its beauty at first. The students around here know how to keep busy. The university grounds are serene and peaceful: the perfect atmosphere for these intellectual groupies to study. They dont leave campus much, because, lets face it, Swarthmore isnt the chicest city, but the location fits these students to a tee.

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Hawaii may take the crown as to students that know how to live it up. Sandwiched between the beach and the city, parties are frequent and students have a laid back attitude on the weekends after a grueling school week. The fabulous Hawaii skies, surf, and sun makes the Hawaii scene pretty darn spicy.

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The outdoors adds fuel to the fire of this environmentally friendly school. The coast of Maine is the setting for these liberal vegetarians, and is beautiful in the spring/summer as a lovely tourist area. The Arcadia National Park is only a hop, skip, and a jump away for a placid escape from this tiny hippy school.

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The Gulf of Mexico is the backdrop; arts and sciences take the cake. Sarasota is home to this college for honor students who get away to gorgeous, free public beaches. But if they cant make it to the beach, they have their dorms with private entrances and courtyard design to attend to. Students at this free-thinking school are living the life of expression and freedom every kid dreams of.

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 The Georgia easy living incorporates itself into Macons social activity at Mercer. Off campus hops on weekends, and Mercer even has a group whose mission is to make sure that students have something to do. Back on campus, there are some beautiful buildings that give it that down-home Southern feel. A far cry from East Coast Gothic, Mercer is a nice mixture of fun and function.

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Flagler used to be a pricey, elegant, and historic hotel in St. Augustine in Florida. So its no surprise that luxury is the basis of living for students here. Most of them are wealthy, and have come to appreciate the pristine details of the buildings and the towns abundance of beaches. But one thing they complain about? No dorm visits of the opposite sex. Well, you cant have everything.

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The Universitys campus at Tuscaloosa has some wonderful architectural buildings and is surprisingly diverse. The Southern comfort and friendliness makes students feel right at home. Football is quite popular, so students are kept busy in-season cheering on their school. The school houses the Alabama Museum of Natural History, which is a popular tourist spot. Pretty much all the bases are covered at this state school, and students with various interests can all find their niche comfortably, Southern-style.

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Memphis offers so much to students at Rhodes, theyre often over-involved. The campus itself is well-designed with classic architecture that makes it feel collegiate, but its surrounding area only adds to the appeal. Memphis caters to every type of person, whether theyre artsy, country, or anything under the sun.

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There are 26 acres of the Brooklyn campus in the New York City. The real world city experience now has college feel. Since its mostly a commuter campus, there isnt a sense of unity here like in other colleges, but the buildings and the architecture, especially its prime location, still make it worthwhile. The culture of the city is brought together with a liberal arts instruction that is quite different from other colleges. Brooklyn has the unique aspect many students are looking for with an atmosphere of achievement.

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The views of this school makes it part of the Beautiful Colleges list. Looking out the window of many dorm rooms, you see the skyline of Lower Manhattan. Its in New York, but its Staten Island campus secludes it enough from the hustle and bustle of the city. The theater and artsy types best fit in here, and many have dreams of Broadway. The diverse population and extraordinary location makes it the best of both worlds, according to the college.
In the coming days I will show you the 20 colleges in the USA! Worth seeing! Is that yours is one of them?

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A video explaining the difficulty of choosing a prep course after school. I think it is anoriginal and realistic example presented here by students of Harvard University! As you can see are not the only student with this difficulty in deciding the future!

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Whether young or not, one question that always arises trade next? When I was youngermy parents always listened to ask "What will you be when you grow up?".
The vocational tests on the internet can help those still in doubt, or have no idea what will be going forward. It is a moment in their lives that only you can decide and is not feasible to do so anyway, the ideal is to be the calm, think and reflect and pursue their goals.
At the end of vocational test you can know which profession to follow or get along based on the answers that were given, so anything is lying or cheating. However it is let go, onlythe tests help in choosing a particular professional area, and is not a definitive guide.
Remember also that it will not do anything to choose a profession only by money or statusthat it can provide, but we must choose the profession because he likes to do it, because the money will follow.
Vocational tests are tests that are carried out to test in people's interests and skills in order to indicate one or more possible vocations.
Before you think you want to go to college or what career you want then you have to think about what you like to do more, do not forget that you will decide what you will do for the rest of your life!
Do not give in to pressure from family or friends, of course they are only thinking of your good and your future when you tell beings doctor or an engineer but do not doubt that this decision should come only from you! Reminds you that it is better carpenter anaccomplishment than a doctor frustrated!