domingo, 24 de julho de 2011


17. University of Alabama

The Universitys campus at Tuscaloosa has some wonderful architectural buildings and is surprisingly diverse. The Southern comfort and friendliness makes students feel right at home. Football is quite popular, so students are kept busy in-season cheering on their school. The school houses the Alabama Museum of Natural History, which is a popular tourist spot. Pretty much all the bases are covered at this state school, and students with various interests can all find their niche comfortably, Southern-style.

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  1. Shaw disse... 25 de julho de 2011 às 12:03

    Weren't they almost hit by a tornado recently?

  2. Tetanized Music disse... 26 de julho de 2011 às 12:11

    Sounds good!

  3. Jandro disse... 28 de julho de 2011 às 15:03

    I was actually contemplating to go here before I graduated high school but then I realized how far away I would have been from family lol. I'm from California by the way.

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