quarta-feira, 27 de julho de 2011


15. Mercer University

 The Georgia easy living incorporates itself into Macons social activity at Mercer. Off campus hops on weekends, and Mercer even has a group whose mission is to make sure that students have something to do. Back on campus, there are some beautiful buildings that give it that down-home Southern feel. A far cry from East Coast Gothic, Mercer is a nice mixture of fun and function.

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  1. Diego Sousa disse... 28 de julho de 2011 às 15:31

    beautiful architecture :)

  2. Chris disse... 30 de julho de 2011 às 14:50

    Wow, thats one gorgeous college!

  3. b disse... 30 de julho de 2011 às 15:31

    Georgeous college is awesome !

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