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Study in France.

The French system of education offers many opportunities for training at minimal cost / symbolic for all students, whether French or foreign, so that no one will pay the sametuition as a French student. Here are the main advantages of studying in France:

Opening of the international academia.
15% of students are foreigners in France. Studying in France is a great opportunity to share their ideas and experience with people, students and teachers around the worldand therefore create your network of contacts and professional staff will make a difference to your career.

Courses excellent and diverse.
In France there are several training opportunities for undergraduate, graduate,doctoral, postdoctoral, specialized courses and academic exchange.

Numerous scholarships and grants.
There are many chances for scholarships in FranceStudents can apply for varioustypes of grants: grants from the French governmentEU fellowshipsgrants from the national government grants to the institutions, among other optionsEach grantopportunity has its own rules with dates and requirementsCheck the website. And even if you do not get a scholarshipis not as expensive to study in FranceThere aretraining options with minimal costFor example, the cost of engineering schools is on average € 564 per year.

Ability to work during their studies.
With regard to the European labor market, he is very receptive to Brazilians, andstudent visa in France enables you to work 20h a week. Of course in times of crisis is not easy to get formal employment, especially for those who still have little experience.But like any specialization (such as Master Professionnel) provides for a compulsory internship 3-9 months, many students end up going into the French labor marketthrough the university. Who prepares in advance, dominates the French and comes"armed" with your resume and your cover letter (in perfect French, of course!) Findsmany opportunities in different areas. 
Quality of life in France.
The French population has a good quality of life, has good social indicators, and moreover, the per capita income is one of the best in the world. It is the fifthconsecutive year that France is the leader of the ranking of the best quality of life of the world. Freedom, health and safety are the three categories in which France leads.Ranks fourth in respect to Infrastructure (railways, roads, inland waterways, airports,providers of Internet services, etc..), And presents a cost of living far below other developed countries. 

Prime location in Europe.
France is in the heart of Europe. With nine bordering countries, the nation is the ideal starting point for anyone looking to discover Europe. The proximity to cities likeAmsterdam, London, Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Munich or Milan is the guarantee of several weekends to visit other countries.

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